Sci Fi I Wish I’d Liked Better

Hull Zero Three – Greg Bear

This is the story of a space ship from Earth on a colonizing mission. It seems as if the passengers have arrived and have been woken from cold sleep and are ready to go down to the planet. Then the book switches into first person present tense point of view. We find out that the ship hasn’t actually arrived but that there has been some sort of malfunction and a man who is called Teacher has been woken up mid flight. The ship is damaged and there are few others alive aboard but there are plenty of monsters trying to kill him. The story mostly involves Teacher trying to stay alive and figure out what is going on before something eats him.

The information dribbles in in a very vague way. This was the kind of writing that I really don’t enjoy. It was so vague that you had to guess what was going on. For example it was full of complicated descriptions of corridors and cables that were ultimately unimportant because you never saw them again. You had to guess what was going on. There were dream sequences and surreal happenings. Nothing is ever actually explained. I guess I finally figured out basically what was going on but I like my stories more straight forward.

My first try at this author. I might crack open another but if the writing style is the same, I won’t be reading it.


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