Science Fiction Romance Reading Challenge 2011

I’m going do this again only this time I’ll start in January instead of July and maybe I’ll make my goal. I’m shooting for 25 books this year. The problem will be finding 25 SFRs I haven’t already read. Keep your fingers crossed for me or send me titles to try!

My goal this year will be 25 Science Fiction Romance books. I started by reading Breaking Chance by Kim Knox.  This book is the January Group Read for the Sci Fi Romance group I belong to on Goodreads.

Book #1

My Thoughts on Breaking Chance – 3 stars

This was a very well written short story. I could clearly see where it could have been a much longer novel. I wish that it had been. We really needed to know more about the weird problem the hero had that made him tap in to what the people around him wanted and then be compelled to give it to them. More explanation would have maybe convinced me that he really loved her not that he was somehow compelled to be with her. More time could have been given to the political situation. The sentient ship was very interesting but very undeveloped. I really wanted to see more of that aspect. Then too the romantic relationship would have benefited from more scenes.

All that is not to say that it was bad because it was far from bad. The world building was very strong for such a short work. The tech was different and interesting and I would have liked to know more about the heroine and how and why she could manipulate the tech. The writing was of a quality that I’m left scratching my head wondering why the author only wrote a short story. This is clearly an author who is capable of more.


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