Book #3 for the SFR Challenge

Alien Overnight by Robin L. Rotham

Book #3  – 4 stars

I gave this one 4 stars for several different reasons.

First, I like SFR. Good SFR is hard to come by and this one was pretty good. It wasn’t perfect but it was much better than most offerings I’ve found in eformat. A lot of thought went into the plot and all the elements worked together and made sense and actually pertained to the plot. It also pulls an extra star just for being more than 80 pages long. It was a complete story with plenty of time and effort put in to really developing the culture and actions of the alien race. A lot of time was spent developing the romance between the three main characters. There wasn’t a lot of time devoted to the alien/space tech but this story really didn’t need it.

The menage aspect was treated in a realistic manner. In that it was not a perfect fit and just the gosh darndest best thing any of the three had ever experienced. They were forced into it because of the lack of women on the Garathan world after a bio weapon killed them off. The men were forced into multiple marriages by law so that more men would have an opportunity to have a mate. But Shauss, the second male, was too alpha to really fit well and it bothered him that Monica really loved Kellen best. He was only persuaded to stay in the relationship with the understanding that when he found someone who would love him best, he was free to go. And Kellen was very jealous of Monica with Shauss but put up with it because of the law and because Shauss was his best friend and he didn’t want him to have to do without. Also for those like me who don’t like M/M action, these guys were totally hetero and had no interest in each other.

The plot was well done and left room for more books to explain what was going on with the bio weapon and who was behind that whole thing. One really interesting aspect was that the Garathan society had been matriarchal until the bio weapon had killed off most of the women and the men had been very subjugated including sexually and they were determined not to go back to that way of life with the new women they were getting from Earth.

While I don’t normally like made up new holes in the female anatomy here at least it made sense and had a tie in to the plot of the story in that the alien men were physically unable to come if they didn’t have a hole above the vagina to lock into. If that sort of stuff squeeks you out, you might want to stay away from this book.

Monica’s transformation into an alien sexpot also made sense. Unknown to anyone previously, she was a human alien hybrid and had not been subjected to the right alien male hormones to inspire her maturation. So it wasn’t just some out of the blue thing but was a well thought out part of the plot. And it wasn’t a poofta easy transformation either but took time and had physical consequences.

One thing that I didn’t really like was how dominant the two men were in their actions towards Monica. I guess for two reasons. One, I wasn’t reading a BDSM book. When I go that route I’ve already agreed to buy in to the female being dominated by the male thing and so I mentally have no complaints. Here though that was not the case and I felt like they were treating her like a dumb little woman when she hadn’t agreed to be treated that way. So I felt a bit during the middle of the book like they were disrespecting her. That totally pushes my buttons in real life and I don’t like it in a romance either. Why it bothers me in one type of book and not the other I don’t know, just does I guess.


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