Yummy Alien Romance

Captured by Julia Rachel Barrett

#5 for the SFR Challenge

5 stars

If you love alien/human romance like I do, this was a good one. It was one of those books you just don’t want to end. The relationship between the alien male, Ekkatt, and the human woman, Mari, seemed real and solid. The characters grew over the course of the book particularly Ekkatt. Parts of the story were hard to read. This wasn’t just a fluff alien/human romance. There were difficult ethical dilemmas these two faced. There was some pretty major forgiveness needed for their relationship to grow. It was well written and the character of Mari was what allowed the reader to forgive the alien slaver, Ekkatt. I would love to see a sequel to this story. The plot was straight forward and made sense. The world building was well done. The alien world of Atunn wasn’t explained in detail but was drawn in the actions of the characters and some well placed description. Very good love story that focused almost entirely on the two main characters. Highly recommended to SFR fans who like alien romance.

Even though this is listed as erotic, I wouldn’t consider it as such. It had a couple of explicit love scenes but they were of a normal level for romance these days. The main thrust of the story is the love that grows between the alien man and the human woman.


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