Kissing Steel by Laurann Dohner

#12 for the SFR Challenge

4 Stars

Another good one by Laurnn Dohner. The cyborg world is interesting and our knowledge of it is expanding. We got a good glimpse of the females of the cyborg race in this one.

The characterization of Rena was very well done. She had a difficult life and was doing the best she could with it. When she is captured by the cyborgs she doesn’t spend a lot of time fussing about it and trying to escape. She’s realistic and knows that she is unlikely to get away since she is so far from home, she doesn’t know how to pilot a space ship and the cyborgs have no reason to put themselves in danger taking her back to Earth. She looks around and decides that Steel is her best bet for staying safe in the cyborg world and does everything she can to stay with him even though he doesn’t want to own a human. I like it when heroines look realistically at their situation and try to make the best of it. Being sassy and difficult just for the sake of the plot gets old.

Steel wants to marry a cyborg so that he can have a family and have children. He however is a very honorable man and does his best for Rena. He is not nearly as cruel as Flint in the first book. All of his decisions have a rationale behind them.

I found the relationship pretty believable in this one. You could definitely see the progression here of Steel falling for Rena. Looking forward to getting the next one downloaded and getting started on it.


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