Tempting Rever by Laurann Dohner

Book #10 for the SFR Challenge

2 stars

I didn’t like it very well at all. I’m am reading the series in order and I didn’t find it as well done as the others in the series so far. There were times when it would be getting interesting and every time it just went south.

Characterization was just not there and the world building was lacking. Not only that but what there was didn’t really make much sense. Wasn’t very alien either somehow. I didn’t notice it being lacking in the last one. The author seems to have given up on developing an alien world. There was very little description or action which illustrated the alien world here. Hmmm.

I didn’t feel like the relationship was based on anything but attraction. They hopped in bed way too soon. Less than 24 hours anyone? and he was already married. Not happily but there was potential for him to show great honor and nobility by denying his feelings and holding to his vows. And her? She just went after him and begged this married man to f*** her. She wouldn’t take no for an answer. I guess it’s okay to go after a married man if his wife is a bitch.

Then he sees her only at dinner time for 5 days in the presence of his wife and housegirl. On that 5th day while he’s at work, the man she is promised to comes to pick her up. He’s very mean and treats her bad. I’m thinking oh maybe he’ll take her and there will be some potential for angst or something. But no, Rever comes home and catches him abusing her and calls his brother the judge to come and settle things. The brother says “no she has to go with the a**hole that’s the law.” And she’s crying “no don’t send me with this jerk I’ve never met just because he is the brother of the man who took me from Earth then died before we got to Zorn.” But apparently the only women who have any say so in their own living arrangements on Zorn are the house girls who live in for the Zorn guys to have sex with.

The brother and the bad guy go away for lunch and Rever decides to run with the heroine, Brenda, and live in the Outlander area where the wild Zorn men live. So then there’s this big escape scene during the middle of which they stop to have sex in the guard house after having knocked the guards unconscious. Smart, right?

So off to the wilds and I’m thinking well it will be interesting to see them try to survive in the wild. There’ll be some hunting and some fighting off of wild Zorn. And how is it that there are wild Zorn on a planet that has achieved interplanetary space flight? And we’re not talking tucked away on some distant isle but apparently within a days drive of the capitol. So gonna see some rough living. Some alien survival stuff. Right? Yeah, no.

The very next morning soldiers come and lure Rever away with some planted wild Zorn. Boy he’s a bright one isn’t he? Meanwhile the soldiers capture Brenda. I’m thinking maybe she’ll throw herself in front of a gun to save him and get shot and we’ll have some interesting developments but no. When Rever come back they tranquilize him with dart guns tough alpha that he is . And back they all go to the capitol.

Now there’s a big trial where the men all agree to ignore what Brenda wants and send her to live with an extra pissed off bad guy who has even more reason to dislike her than he did when he mistreated her the first time. So turns out, Tina, Rever’s wife screwed around on him the day Rever went back to work. According to the story that was after Rever and Brenda did it the first time. But everyone is all “Yeah! the contract is broken because Tina broke her vows first!” And Rever noble and honorable man that he is doesn’t fess up. So Tina is traded off to the guy she slept with and Rever is free to challenge the bad guy to a duel to the death. Which, oddly enough, he wins. So one week after they first meet, there’s a sex filled HEA.

Speaking of sex. There was a lot of it. It got in the way of the story and it wasn’t very interesting and certainly wasn’t hot. You know when they’ve consummated their wedding in the wilderness cave and then immediately start in again and the reader says “oh crap not again!” it can’t be a good thing. So I’m going to read the next one since I already have it and I hope it’s substantially better.


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