Cyborg Seduction Romance

Melting Iron – Laurann Dohner

#13 for the SFR Challenge  

4 stars

Another great entry in this sci fi romance series by Laurann Dohner. This is a character who was in the first book and wasn’t a particularly pleasant character in that one so I wondered how this would be. I really liked it. The stories are getting better and better. One of the best elements of this story was the character of the heroine. She was a mechanic who had been stolen off of a transport in order for more of the cyborg males to find human females since there are so few cyborg women. She was strong and didn’t take any guff from Iron. It didn’t take her long to fall in love with him. I wondered briefly about Stockholm syndrome, after all her had her locked in his room for weeks. But I just didn’t see it. She was too level headed and was kind of a pushy broad and got what she wanted and it was pretty much him and he ended up falling in love with her of course.

The cyborg world building and plot continue to grow and it is a very interesting story and shows a lot of thought in its construction. My only caveat is that even though this is definitely an erotic romance, there was just too much of it especially considering the actual world building, sci fi and romance elements were so strong. I would rather have more of that and fewer generic love scenes.

Touching Ice – Laurann Dohner

#14 for the SFR Challenge

5 stars

I think this is my favorite of the cyborg seduction series so far. The emotional punch of the story was the strongest yet. There was some series angst/pathos here. Megan is already enthralled with Ice before the story begins so there isn’t any question of Stockholm syndrome. (All of the stories in this series so far have involved captured Earth women in one way or another). Even though Megan is not a real kick butt heroine, neither is she a wimp. She is a computer programmer who is a bit naive but very intelligent. She is scared of the cyborgs because she knows that humans are their enemies but she’s not brainless about it. The book is told in 3rd person mostly from Megan’s POV but some from Ice’s POV. There is a new threat to the cyborgs introduced in this book. I don’t know if they will be an issue in further books. The next book is seamlessly set up in this one also. The character was introduced in the 3rd book and also appeared in this one. He was used to further the plot in each book and was not just wedged in so good job Ms. Dohner. The writing is getting tighter and the plotting of each book gets better. The romance element is the focus of the book but the sci fi is strong enough to fit the stories without being hokey or unbelievable.
Stealing Coal – Laurann Dohner

#15 for the SFR Challenge

5 stars

The fifth installment in the Cyborg Seduction series is a winner.  This is the story of Coal who had been kept as a breeding slave by a planet full of Cyborg women.  When he finally gets free, he sacrifices himself for another cyborg male and his woman.  Coal ends up back in the hands of human traders who plan to sell him to a cage fighting planet to fight until he dies.  Jill, a human woman who is making a living on the edge of the blackmarket with only a couple of droids for company, rescues him.  Jill has an unpleasant history with sex as does Coal but he at least knows that it can be a pleasant experience.  She had an abusive ex husband and so wants nothing to do with sex.  Coal decides that since she has saved him he will fix up her shuttle for her and also fix up her sexual hangups while he’s at it. Eventually, these two broken people fix each other up and fall in love.

There was good honest emotion here.  The heroines of these stories keep getting better and better.  They are strong women who have the compassion and openmindedness to fall in love with cyborgs who most humans either despise or fear.  The characterization of both the hero and heroine are deep and well developed.  Coal is damaged and he knows it.  He worries about being a good enough man for Jill.  I like that the two of them cleave to each other.  They don’t doubt once they have declared their feelings.  When Jill is kidnapped, she knows he will come for her and he knows that even if it seems that way, she did not leave him willingly.  No silly misunderstandings just a sweet love story.

Good sci fi romance.  Looks like the next one will be Councilman Zorus.  Boy, he’s been a bad bad cyborg throughout the series.  Can’t wait to see how Ms. Dohner turns him around.


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