So Many Cyborgs So Few Women

Discovery: The Forgotten by Kaitlyn O’Connor

#16 for the SFR Challenge

4 stars

Another good sci fi romance from Kaitlyn O’Connor. This, like most that I’ve read from Ms. O’Connor, is a menage book. In this one the heroine is a human woman who crashes on a planet filled with male cyborgs who have never seen a woman. I will admit that I laughed out loud in a couple of places as the men try to figure her out. In this one there were a few problems with the men. For one thing you never get any idea of what the alien men/cyborgs look like other than that they are humanoid but just a little more “exotic”. What color is their hair, skin, etc? No physical descriptions. Also one of the guys she ends up with, I just didn’t like much. He seemed sneaky or something and one of the guys was pretty beta even though the heroine, Danielle, tells us all the cyborgs are alpha males. He just does’t act like it though.

The plot was interesting, involving a large galactic war. I did have some problems with the sci fi element in this one. I don’t expect great sci fi writing in these sorts of books as a general rule but this one bugged me too much not to mention. The ships were ridiculously fast even with the use of worm holes. Also, the author says that humans have settled the entire Milky Way Galaxy. And the creators of the cyborgs were originally from a different galaxy. So the heroine and the heroes shoot over there to check out the home planet. I’m not sure Ms. O’Connor has any idea how big our galaxy really is. Plus there is instantaneous communication across the galaxy. Either put in realistic numbers of settled planets and reasonable time for messages to get places or just leave that stuff out. The important thing is the romance anyway.

Don’t make me think too hard about your sci fi portion of the story because I don’t want to have to wish I was reading straight sci fi. Does that make sense? I’m giving this type of book a gimme on the sci fi stuff but I can only carry that willing suspense so far. And that brings me to my last quibble. I don’t care how many nanos are involved, I’m not buying you got pregnant through backdoor sex. And yet I still give it 4 stars because Ms. O’Connor writes a darn good yarn.


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