The Ideal Man – Julie Garwood


Expected Publication August 9, 2011

3 stars

This was an enjoyable story. I enjoy Ms. Garwood’s suspense more than her historicals. For a romantic suspense book however, it wasn’t very suspenseful. There were two completely different suspense story lines so neither one was really done justice. Neither one was particularly suspenseful. There was a lot going on in her relationship with her sisters and other family members.  The scenes with them concerning her sister’s wedding seemed to slow down the story and negate any suspense that was gathering.

There was this bad guy who had terrorized her her entire life. The first time he shows up, they capture him and eventually shoot him. Problem over. Same with the second suspense plot. The bad guys decide she is not a threat so they cancel the hit on her.  Even though the assassin decides to ignore the cancellation, he is pretty lame and gets caught.

After that, there were several unnecessary chapters that felt like epilogues. There was a small side story with one of her sisters being pregnant and not being able to find the Navy SEAL father to tell him. And I thought aha! next book! But no, in the weird epilogish final chapters, she has the baby and he shows up and apologizes and they get married.  The side story was not developed enough to carry much weight and it was just odd that it was wrapped up at the end of the book.

The book felt like it meandered a bit and the plot was not as tight as others of Ms. Garwood’s that I have read. The characters were pleasant but not well developed.  The hero especially seemed a bit one dimensional.  The love between them happened without a lot of development. The love scenes were nicely done however.  It was a pleasant story and kept my interest but was not, in the end, very memorable.

This book was provided to me free from the publisher for review.


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