Aliens on Vacation by Clete Barrett Smith

4 stars 

Pretty cute.  Easy to read out loud to the boys.  They liked it and laughed out loud in places.  The main character, Scrub, is a 12 year old boy staying at his grandmother’s bed and breakfast for the summer.  He finds out that her guests are all aliens.  He learns to work at the inn while at the same time making friends with a local girl.  The aliens are wonderfully wacky and Mr. Harnox who is stuck on earth is more human and caring than most of the real humans.
Scrub learns lessons in tolerance and responsibility.  He learns to stand up for himself and he learns to use his ingenuity and how to become more self reliant and how to trust himself.
This is a nice book for the 9 to 12 year old set.  It is funny and has some positive messages without preaching or talking down to the reader.  My boys didn’t even mind that there was a bit of kissing in it, even though my 11 year old did have to hide his head to listen to that bit.


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