Romantic Suspense Done Right

Breaking Point (I-Team, #5)

by Pamela Clare

5 stars 

I wish I could give this more than 5 stars. Exactly what a romantic suspense should be. Fast exciting action that never lets down. Romance that develops throughout the story in a logical way. Good balance of both elements. Both characters grew during the course of the book. He learned to forgive himself for something that happened in his military career and learned he was worth loving and she learned that she was stronger than she had known, she learned to let the past go and love again.

The action was realistic and made sense, utilizing an underused but very topical setting of the US/Mexican border and the drug trafficking etc., there. The hero was an ex SEAL and he was shown doing his stuff but he wasn’t a superman. I’m glad that the military type action all made sense and I could buy it and didn’t have to shake my head and suspend my disbelief. And thank goodness the plot did not depend on the hero having to save the heroine from TSTL mistakes. She was sensible throughout. The research the author did showed clearly. It was great to see the hero being a US Marshall. I even learned some stuff.

The romance was very well done. These two people were fully developed and were a perfect match for each other. The love scenes were some of the hottest I’ve read and the reason they were hot was because yes, we all know Tab A Slot B, but the feelings the two had for each other was a large part of the hotness. You never felt that the sex was gratuitous. They seemed to me to be written differently than any I’ve seen before. They used proper terminology for body parts and the descriptions and dialog were just different enough that it all felt fresh and new.

Plenty of appearances from the rest of the I-Team members.

The writing was tight. No unnecessary words. You knew what the characters were thinking without rolling around in their heads ad nauseam. The descriptions were great. Nothing was vague. You were never left wondering where your characters were or exactly what they were doing in relation to themselves, each other and the environment. There were some places especially near the end that you could almost see.

If you like romantic suspense and you’re not reading Pamela Clare, you are doing yourself a disservice.


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