Only Workmanlike

One Night, Two Heirs

by Maureen Child

Expected Publication July 5th, 2011

2 Stars

Sometimes category romances from Harlequin can be amazing and transcend their genre.  Sadly this was not one of those times.  This book could best be described as workmanlike I suppose.

There wasn’t much to this book really. It wasn’t poorly written but it wasn’t stand out writing either. The characterization was light. Motivations for the secret child aspect were not good. When the hero did come home and learn of his twins, the heroine didn’t want to marry him if he didn’t love her. Fair enough. He wanted to marry her for the sake of the girls but was determined not to love the heroine.  His motivation for deciding he wouldn’t love again was weird.  He didn’t want to love anyone because his buddy’s last words were “Tell my wife I love her.” That somehow love wasn’t worth it because you’d just die and someone would end up hurt. WTF? Isn’t that what happens even when say your Grandmother dies?

There was some misunderstanding because he didn’t tell her something that he totally would/should have told her considering the previous set up for this element in the story. That kind of manipulation just irks me.

There was random throw in of POV from the heroine’s brother that was totally obvious as a set up for the next book. I don’t mind setting up for the next book but this had absolutely nothing to do with the present book. Shenanigans I say.

The twins were not yet three and were written age appropriately. The love scenes were fairly well done. Although really, unprotected sex again? No lessons learned?

I was provided this free to review from Netgalley.


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