Back from Vacation

It’s amazing how hard it is to read books while you’re camping.  I did get two read though.  I took used paperbacks to camp out with.  But now that we’re back, I’ve been reading my ARCs on my Kindle again.

#22 For the SFR Challenge

3 stars

Collision Course

by Zoe Archer                                                                                                                                                    

A nice little SciFi romance novella. There wasn’t room to develop the sci fi element greatly but what there was was decent. There weren’t any glaring bits that made me grimace as sometimes happens when romance authors try sci fi. Attention was paid to piloting ships and description of space and planets in enough detail that it was firmly in the SFR camp rather than the futuristic romance camp.

However the gist of the story is the romance that develops between Mara, a smuggler sort, and Kell, a military man. Even though the story took place over just a few days, I felt like their emotions showed a progression. So even though they had the hots for each other immediately, the story was mainly about finding a compatible soul to go through life with. Mara was a competent woman who was in charge of her life and when the old one no longer suited, she was willing to make a new one that better suited her new desires. Kell was an honorable man. He was pretty kick butt. The author did a good job of giving just enough back story to justify the skills and actions of each of the main characters. I would be willing to try further stories in the series.

Romantic Suspense that Failed for Me

Trace of Fever

by Lori Foster

1 Star

It’s never good when you get to the end of a book and think “Thank God that’s over!” Had this not been an ARC I was reading from netGalley I would not have finished it. As is was it took me a long time to slog through it. I have enjoyed Ms. Foster’s contemporaries but I personally do not at all like her attempts at romantic suspense.

This was a revenge story. The heroine was out for revenge on the bad guy for something that did not really need revenge. She was going to kill the man who had kidnapped, raped and shared her mother. Her mother had kept her off the grid her whole life to keep her away from the bad man who didn’t remember or care anything about the woman or what happened to her. So the first thing you do after that upbringing is go straight to the bad guy to kill him? I had a sucky upbringing so I’m going to go kill some man who may or may not be my father? Is it that easy for a normal person to decide to go and murder someone? Didn’t buy it at all. Maybe if the mother had pounded into the daughter that “it is your destiny to revenge me!” But the mother had been trying to protect her for the whole of her life. I wonder why the mother even admitted who the bad guy was in that case. Can’t make contact with him if you don’t know who he is.

The hero was some sort of mercenary who was undercover to bring down the bad guy’s white slavery operation. His sister had been kidnapped earlier so at least he had a valid reason to be working against this. And he had training. But… he was thetrusted henchman of the bad guy’s after being there 3 weeks? Yeah…nope.

The whole thing took place in about 3 days and the heroine managed to be TSTL throughout most of it. And the hero just kept admiring her gumption every time she did exactly the opposite of what he asked her to do to keep her safe.

The characterization was weak. The only part I really enjoyed was when one of the other good guy operatives had to rescue the heroine while she was naked in the shower.

My point I guess is that Ms. Foster should stick to comedy where she is a very strong writer and leave suspense to others more suited to it. YMMV


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