A Disappointing SFR Read

Hunting Kat by  P.J. Schnyder

Expected Publication July 4th by Carina Press

#23 for the SFR Reading Challenge

2 stars

This started on such a high note. I was so excited to get to read it. It was full of potential that basically fizzled out. I was really getting into the sci fi feel of it, then it segued into a so so too long sex scene just when there should have been some further development in the sci fi world to better help you understand. The book overall lacked a real sense of time and place. It needed a lot more world building. The story jumped here and there oddly instead of one scene flowing into the next. The hero started out interesting but turned into a weak ass, an ass who was weak.

The romance was not believable.  But maybe it was just a hook up.  She was very leary of men, had been raped at some time in the past. (We got very little explanation of her past at all.) Then she takes a chance, gets with a guy she just met in a bar and has a good time. He finds out her friend checked him out for her. Just seems sensible. I myself was worried that she didn’t seem more leary of going off to have sex with a stranger given her past. Even if she is a shape shifter. Once he got her weapons off of her, he could have killed her with his before she shifted and she had to know that. So then he gets all bent out of shape and because he had a girlfriend in the past who Dear Johned him he accuses her and tops it off by telling her she was a lousy lay. Considering her past, do you think she’d ever feel good about being with him again? I don’t. This callousness on his part was basically never addressed again other than him smiling boyishly to charm her out of her dislike of him. He owed her a great big belly crawl.

The guys who attacked them, the felids, I was never quite sure what they were. Give me some description and some explanation. Were they aliens? Were they shape shifters? Were they from a race/planet of shapeshifters? What was their relationship to what the heroine was? I was never sure if the little cubs that were the subject of the rescue were baby shape shifters or were they actual cats? If they were shifters then the hero was not very heroic to actually participate in capturing them rather than saving them originally and I’ve lost all respect for him. If they were just cats then well that’s bad but not bad enough for alien men to follow and recapture them without some sort of explanation of why they were so important.

Then the author fell into the trap/crutch of having a secondary character explain the heroine’s background to the hero. And he didn’t even do a very clear job of it. I sort of thought huh? I got the gist of it but that was all. It is always stronger if the hero and heroine find out about each others pasts from each other. That is what adds emotion and real drama to a story.

It was too short for the story it had to tell. Novellas are fine if they are actually capable of telling the story within the short confines. This story needed about 200 more pages. The actual writing, the words and word choices were fine but couldn’t overcome the lack of world building and minuscule plot.

On a final note, I hated the ending.

I received this free to review from netGalley.