Wasn’t Thrilled With This One

Wyoming Tough by Diana Palmer

1 star

to be published 10/25/2011

So I’m going to pick my jaw up off the floor and try to compose myself to write this review. I keep falling off the “No More Diana Palmer” bandwagon. I have seriously got to get myself a seat belt and stay on that puppy. This book is a veritable feast of tell not show with epic helpings of info dumping. When I was already full up with that I was fed a nauseating, treacly dessert of “my morality is better than yours and that’s why the world is going to Hell in a sinful handbasket.”

I learned a lot from reading this book.

I learned things like fracking (a non eco friendly way to get oil from shale) is bad and evil.

I learned this three or four times in fact.

I learned you’re a poser if you try to pass yourself off as a debutante to ranchers in Wyoming while wearing last year’s colors.

I learned that it’s okay to let poor girls work on ranches with those nasty cows and all that back breaking labor but that if only they’d known the poor girl came from a good i.e., rich family they never would have let her sully her hands.

I learned that scads of random conversations between two secondary characters about other people who were not in the book and were in fact only mentioned once, do not a riveting story make.

I learned that the hero Mallory, and seriously, Mallory? is in fact not an alpha male but a seriously naive, or dare I say stupid gullible fool.

I learned that there is no way that I can buy that a very rich 23 year old rancher’s daughter in this day and age would not know that a guy can’t just keep it up all night but needs her new husband to tell her that fact in a very clinical sex ed sort of lecture on her wedding night.

I learned that if you have just left a hunted criminal behind you with a shotgun and you hear a sharp crack in the distance, it’s probably just thunder ever though there is only a light drizzle going on.

I learned that a considerate husband will break his new wife’s hymen with his fingers out of consideration before he F***s her. I really wish I hadn’t learned that one.

What I really hope I learned from this inane fiasco is my lesson: Stay on that Wagon!.

I received this free from netGalley for review.


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