A Couple of Harlequins Romances

Mr Right There All Along by Jackie Braun

4 stars


This was a very nice friends to lovers story. I loved how the hero kept telling the heroine all along that she was perfect and didn’t need to change a thing. She was preoccupied with getting all skinny and dolled up to go to their 10th year high school reunion. Well written and sweet it took place over 6 weeks and was a series of scenes showing her determination to change herself and his efforts to help her even though he thinks she’s already perfect. This was a chaste story with only a couple of kisses and one aborted (non explicit) love scene. Very enjoyable. I would try this author again.

I received this story free from netGalley for review.




The Husband She Couldn’t Remember by Maggie Shayne

5 Stars

This was a really good one for my amnesia mania. It had all the great elements, a lot of angst, a little mystery, young love, a grieving husband and high drama. Well written, fast moving. It might not have been the most believable story line ever but it hung together and made sense. And let’s face it, we don’t read these things for believability. šŸ™‚

The heroine was spunky and sweet but definitely had a back bone and knew how to use it. The hero was just as sweet as he could be. He had loved the heroine since they were in grade school and stood by her through thick and thin.

I’m really looking forward to reading the rest of the series now about his brothers.

This book was provided to me free from netGalley.


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