Cougar Shifters!

Falke’s Captive by  Madison Layle and Anna Leigh Keaton

4 Stars

Very good shifter romance. The set up was interesting. The Falke brothers own a wilderness outfitting and guide business. Each day one of the six brothers spends the day shifted into a cougar as the store mascot. The heroine, Beth, is a scientist in the area to study cougars for her PHD. She meets two of the brothers, Kelan and Reider one night in a bar. The next day she sees Kelan running as a cougar and tranqs him and discovers he has a collar. He manages to escape but not before she has taken a blood sample. The next day she tracks him to the family store and meets the rest of the family who are none to happy with her. So the set up is that she is researching cougars, has his odd blood and the three of them are falling in love.

The writing of this story was pretty solid. The plot had a beginning, middle and end. It all made sense and hung together. The story was well rounded and interesting and unlike many shorter menage/romantica stories, the ending was not abrupt. All the characters’ actions made sense. The dialog was well done. The shifter world was fairly well set up but I could have used more back story. The love scenes were plentiful and well done. There was however enough story that it didn’t seem as if this was just an excuse to write sex scenes. The menage part of the story seemed more natural and necessary than in most shifter menage stories. I was glad however that it was just 2 men per woman rather than all the brothers as I’ve seen many times. There was some humor and a reasonable amount of tension.

All in all, I really enjoyed the book.

This book was provided to me free for review from netGalley.


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