A Nice Addition to the Fool’s Gold Series

Only Yours – Susan Mallery

4 Stars


I enjoyed this addition to the Fool’s Gold story line. The story was well written. The plot made sense and moved along with no slow spots.

I enjoyed the hero. I liked the way he was so socially inept. He was an interesting mixture of self assurance as a surgeon and his belief that he deserved or could inspire love.

The heroine was a nice girl. I did feel like the set up of having her be a person who messes up all the time was just given a nod and then dropped. She was however pretty grown up in her reactions to loving a man she knew wouldn’t stay. She was willing to take the pain she knew would come later in order to experience the joy their love affair would bring.

I really enjoyed all the parts about the therapy dogs. I learned a lot about the ways they are used to help people and the dogs seemed written realistically.

I’m not a huge fan of small town stories because I think they tend to be idealized a bit too much and people seem to be nicer than would be true in real life. Living in a small town doesn’t make you nice. There are just as many nasty unpleasant people in small towns as anywhere else. And here, as is usual in these sorts of books, the people were all just too too nice.

I received this book free from netGalley for review.


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