Missed the Mark for Me

White Dawn by Susan Edwards

1 Star

I wanted to like this better. The story idea was interesting but the writing was very flat and repetitive. The characters spent pages and pages and pages in introspection going over and over the same things especially towards the end. The sex scenes dragged on and were pages too long. There were too many of them also. They really added nothing to the story. They weren’t integral to the plot. On the whole the writing felt as if the author was trying too hard.

In addition to the pedestrian writing the plot was barely there and wandered aimlessly around and what there was did not at all feel true to the social mores of the times. I really couldn’t tell the book was taking place in 1810. The heroine spent a lot of time sleeping with a couple of guys at the drop of a hat. Then when she got knocked up she didn’t want to marry the guy that asked her. Granted she had a reason but it would have been more realistic at the time to be petrified of being an unwed mother to a half breed baby. Women knew that they could not survive alone very well if at all without a man, especially at that time and on the frontier. She would more likely have married the man without question and dealt with whatever situation resulted within the marriage. I think many people tend to forget just how recently that attitude has changed. And how recently it’s been realistically viable that an unmarried woman could make it on her own especially an unwed mother. When I read historical fiction it isn’t enough to say he’s a mountain man and that she’s handsewing a dress to make it realistically historical.

Then there was the whole bit of the plot with the hero’s cousin who was such a loser and wanted everything handed to him on a silver platter and was determined to have the heroine. This was a BIG deal for a large portion of the book. The hero and heroine came up with this convoluted plot to sneak away from him and the bad guy set out in hot pursuit and was never seen from again until the epilogue where it was stated that they were getting along better with him.  That was just totally dropping the ball on the part of the author.

I wish I could have rated this higher but I just didn’t enjoy it.

This book was provided for me free for review from NetGalley.


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