Decent Children’s Book About Overcoming Fear

How to Make a Golem and Terrify People by Allete J. Willis

2 stars

I read this story out loud to the boys. It took us quite a while because it wasn’t real riveting. It took along time for something to actually happen. There were times when we thought the main character, Edda, was not being real nice, especially to her best friend. It took forever to find out whether or not there was really a golem.

The story mostly concerned with Edda trying to learn how to be more brave.  She takes a short cut though by building the golem instead of facing her fears herself.  I thought the lesson was dealt in a bit of a heavy handed manner.

We didn’t like how it ended very well. There were questions we felt were left in the air.

All in all it was okay but we wouldn’t necessarily sign up for a sequel.

I received this from netGalley for review


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