Nice Suspense, Not a Romance

Blood Ties – Sharon Sala

3 Stars

Expected publication May 31 2011

I know that Borders, where I work, will put this in the romance section with the rest of Sharon Sala’s books.  This was a good book but it wasn’t a romance.   I might have scored it higher than 3 stars if I hadn’t been expecting a romance.  Like Ms. Sala’s last series, it’s the second in a trilogy where all the books run concurrently. Savannah has come to Miami to claim her inheritance and bring her birth father’s murderer to justice. You know from the beginning who the murderer is and the story follows Savannah as she attempts to bring him/them to justice.

The plot is fairly tight and the writing is fast paced and exciting as far as the suspense goes. The romance element might as well not be there. She has an almost fiance when the books starts and they totally love each other and that doesn’t change throughout the story. Savannah is well developed as a character. The hero, if you can call Judd that, because really he’s just a supporting character and they spend very little time together, is not at all well developed. In fact, near the end of the book we find out his age and I thought really? I totally had no clue and it was something that made you wonder how their relationship came about in the first place. You don’t know how they met, how they got together, what they had in common, etc.

So, not a romance.

The secondary characters are well drawn. Even the villians are multi dimensional, not just over the top caricatures. That was particularly enjoyable for me. I enjoyed it as suspense, but would have been disappointed had I picked this up in the romance section of the bookstore looking for a love story. I will however, definitely read the next one in the series as I always enjoy Ms. Sala’s writing style.

This book was provided for me free from netGalley and the publisher (Harlequin) for review.